Beliefs and Goals

District Beliefs:
To achieve the mission and vision of the Montevideo Public Schools District,
 we are committed to:
  • Achieving academic excellence through continuous improvement in
    curriculum and instruction.
  • Valuing students as individuals.
  • Maintaining fiscal responsibility.
  • Providing well-rounded curriculum and programming for students.
  • Seizing opportunities to be progressive and innovative.
  • Utilizing the best technology available.
  • Supporting extracurricular activities that enhance personal
    growth and support a strong academic program.
  • Having high expectations for all students.
  • Ensuring effective communications between school,
    home and community.
  • Encouraging family and community engagement.
  • Enhancing educational opportunities through
    regional cooperation and collaboration.
District Goals:
  • Prepare every child to continue their education beyond high school.
  • Use data to drive educational decisions.
  • Develop high quality professional development (learning)
    opportunities for staff.
  • Provide opportunities for parent and community involvement
    and engagement.