School Supply Kits

Posted on 05/16/2022

Montevideo Back-to-School Supply Kits are now available for Grades K-8! SAVE TIME AND MONEY AND COMPLETE YOUR 2022/23 BACK-TO-SCHOOL SUPPLIES SHOPPING IN JUST TWO MINUTES!

Go to now and enter our unique School Code, which is 659203.  Enter your student’s name and NEXT YEAR’S grade level (to properly label the kit) to add the kit to your shopping cart.  Select any optional student accessories you’d like such as backpacks, headphones, lunch bags, water bottles, and food jars and then proceed to secure checkout.  It is extremely simple and convenient!  

Students in Grades K-4 will need water bottles and tennis shoes for Phy. Ed. These items are not included in the kit.  Students in Grades 5-8 will need additional items for Phy. Ed that are not included in the kit: Shorts, Extra socks, Short sleeve t-shirt, Tennis shoes, Deodorant, Brush or comb.  

The entire process takes less than 2 minutes and you can do it on your phone or from the comfort of your home.  Your student’s supply kit and any optional accessories you ordered will be individually labeled and delivered directly to the school prior to the start of the new school year.
Click on the link to view school supply lists and what each school supply kit includes: Middle School Supply Lists Ramsey School Supply Lists Sanford School Supply Lists

Why order a back-to-school supply kit for your student?  Here are some of the top reasons:

- The kit provides the specific items requested by your student’s teachers on the official school supply list.

- The kit includes quality supplies that help students and teachers succeed in the classroom, including products from trusted brands such as Avery, Crayola, Dixon, Elmer’s, Expo, Fiskars, Paper Mate, Sharpie, and Sterilite.

- Kits are very convenient.  You can complete your back-to-school supply list shopping for one or more students on your phone or computer in just a couple of minutes.

- Kits are affordably priced compared to other shopping options (with no additional shipping fees, etc. added to the all-inclusive prices listed below), even if you don’t factor in the time and travel costs required to track down these items on your own.  Here are our kit prices by NEXT YEAR’S grade level (Grades K to 5 include the requested $6 class fee):

Grade K: $53 Grade Multi Age For 1 & 2: $53 Grade 1: $59 Grade 2: $55 Grade 3: $65 Grade 4: $60 Grade 5: $40 Grade 6: $79 Grade 7: $71 Grade 8: $37

Look for high school supply lists to come out in Back-to-School publications this summer.