Mrs. Turcios

Welcome Ms. Turcios! Tania is our Family Liaison for Sanford. She looks forward to providing support to students and families. Tania wants to help the new generations find their place in the world!

-Ms. Turcios


Welcome Mrs. Lenning! Morgan is Sanford's Social Worker. She's excited to help make school a fun and safe place for all kids. She wants students to know that she's here for whatever they may need.

-Mrs. Lenning


Welcome Mrs. Rivera! Cassie is our full time substitute. She wants kids to have a great experience in school. Cassie loves to show kids that they're valued and capable of great things!

-Mrs. Rivera


Welcome back Mrs. Kruger! Mary is back from retirement, passing on her passion, music, at Sanford and a few classes at Ramsey.

-Mrs. Kruger


Meet Sam Nokleby! Sam is a Title 1 teacher at Sanford. She loves building positive relationships and creating a safe learning environment for the students!

-Ms. Nokleby


Meet John Mader! Mr. Mader is the Dean of Students for both Ramsey and Sanford. John enjoys helping students navigate through life's obstacles, grow and become positive influences!

-Mr. Mader


Meet Heidi Huseby! Mrs. Huseby is the Title 1 Coordinator. She takes pride in our Thunder Hawk community and works hard for the Title 1 program so that it has positive and lasting effects on students.

-Mrs. Huseby