Superintendent's Corner

Montevideo Public Schools vision is to be the school district where “Students are First, from Cradle to Career.”  What does that mean and how is that accomplished?  It is accomplished by making every decision, every action, and every plan through the lens of what is best for our students.  This is an enormous task in today’s world that seems to be conflicted on every issue, including education.  How do we, at Montevideo Public Schools, determine what is in the best interest of students?  It starts by being clear on what we believe as a school district as it pertains to education, students, and community.  At Montevideo Public Schools we believe we must:

1. Have high expectations for ALL 

2. Value students as individuals

3. Build effective communication between school, home and community

4. Seize opportunities to be innovative

5. Utilize effective technology and curriculum that helps accomplish our desired results

6. Facilitate family and community engagement with the school district

7. Support activities that enhance personal growth and strong academic programs

8. Expand educational opportunities through regional cooperation and collaboration

9. Utilize data to drive decision making and instructional practices

10. Maintain fiscal responsibility

With these beliefs in mind our staff and administration take time to 1. reflect on our practices and results, 2. gain a clear, honest understanding of our current state, and 3. ensure we are focused on what our ultimate desired results are as well as how we will attain those results.  In July, we shared with the community our Annual Stakeholder Report.  This report represents our current state as a district.  We are proud of the hard work put in by hundreds of educators and many of our results are commendable.  Our district has a 97.4% graduation rate, our 2023 senior class graduated  with an average of 14.6 college credits per student, 71.8% of MHS graduates met the rigorous college readiness criteria, 87% of district 3rd graders exceeded one year of growth in reading, 84% of 1st grade students ended the school year reading at grade level, we have expanded our innovative service partnerships with community organizations to 18, and we operate one of the most successful school run child care programs in Minnesota.

Our district acknowledges we have opportunities for improvement and we will be implementing strategies such as LETRS to grow reading achievement, LSCI to better develop social emotional and regulation skills with elementary students, standardization of reading curriculum and interventions, before and after school academic opportunities, summer college, and curricular realignment in our secondary programs.  All with the goal of attaining our communities desired results.

When you see the vision and mission of Montevideo Public Schools you can feel confident that we examine the past, understand the current, and are looking to the future in order for our students to thrive in a cradle to career education system.

It is a great time to be a Thunder Hawk!