CTE Month

CTE stands for Career and Technical Education.  February is the designated month in Minnesota to recognize the importance of providing CTE opportunities for students.  CTE prepares students for career paths that are in-demand and projected to have high growth.  CTE involves experiential learning, meaning hands-on projects that are connected to the real world.  With local industry partners in the classroom, exploring industry on site, job shadowing and having local industry professionals in the classroom, students gain academic knowledge and industry experience.

Career and Technical Education began in the U.S. in 1917 with the Smith-Hughes National Federal Vocational Education Act of 1917.  Since then, CTE has adapted to keep up with economic needs.  The CTE teachers at MHS consult with industry professionals on curriculum and experiences to ensure our graduates can be successful in future careers.  Different activities and experiences will be held in February to recognize CTE.