School Calendar Change

I am writing today to communicate a small alteration to the end of the year school calendar. As you are aware, the last day of school has been moved to June 2 to make up one of the snow days this winter. The last day of school is an early release day. With this additional day June 1 iscurrently slated as a full day of school. This is where a change is being made.

On June 1 our district will be hosting the MSHSL section 3A track and field meet. This is a large
meet in which 23 boys and girls teams will be taking part in. The meet begins at 2:00pm. and
draws a large spectator The issues this presents is:

1.   Buses and fans will begin arriving between 1-1:30 creating traffic issues for our school
buses, student drivers leaving school, as well as our ability to handle meet traffic and
parking if school were to be in session until 3:00p.m.
2.  Our district supplies the workers for the section meet and a vast majority of those
workers are staff members.

To remedy this issue we have explored a variety of solutions and ultimately fell on the solution of doing an early release schedule on Thursday, June 1st. We will dismiss high school at 1:00pm in order to clear out the parking lot and avoid the intersection of track meet and student traffic.
The other buildings will release at their regular early release time:
Ramsey Elementary: 1:15pm
Sanford Elementary: 1:20pm
Middle School: 1:30pm

By doing an early release on June 1 we will get the buses enroute before we get into heavier
track meet traffic and allow for staff to report for their meet work assignment on time.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and I hope by communicating this change now, it provides ample time for alternative planning for you. Thank you for your understanding.


Wade McKittrick
ISD 129 Superintendent