Food Service Information

The Child Nutrition Program waivers issued by the Federal Government during the pandemic have now expired.  Universal free breakfast and lunches for grades K - 12 will no longer exist beginning with the 2022-23 school year.  Your household may qualify for free or reduced -price meals.  To apply, each household should complete the "Meal Application" when registering for the 2022-23 school year on JMC or by filling out and returning the paper copy which was sent to each household.

Meal prices for 2022-2023

$1.50 - Breakfast, grades 9 - 12 (full price students) 

$50.00 - 20-meal ticket, grades 5 - 12 ($2.50 per day)

$48.00 - 20-meal ticket, grades K - 4 ($2.40 per day)

$  .40 - 1/2 pint carton of milk

$4.95 - Adult full lunch

$2.25 - Adult full breakfast


NEW this year:

Online meal payments through JMC

1. Log into JMC Family portal 

2. Click on "Lunch" (this is also where you find your family meal balance)

3. Click on "JMC online Deposit"

4. Fill in the amount, and the payment information

5. Click on Submit

Online payments happen instantly.  You are given a choice of whether or not you want your information safely saved for your next payment.  It's that easy!!

Payments will also be accepted in person in the District Office at MMS, or when given to the checker in the meal line.  


If your student has any special diet requirements, please contact our Food Service Director, Stacy Bagaus, or 320-269-8833 ext 3265.